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Postpartum Bath Herbs


    Labor can make you feel like your bottom has gone fifteen rounds with a prizefighter and run the NY Marathon – all at once. When the simple act of sitting isn't simple at all, Postpartum Bath Herbs is a heap of help for your heinie. USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified Postpartum Bath Herbs is a soothing, comforting blend of wound healing, styptic and antibacterial herbs that have traditionally been used to support postpartum women to help reduce swelling and speed healing of vaginal soreness, tears, episiotomy and perineal bruising. Great for prenatal and postpartum hemorrhoids too. Packed in easy to use, individual herbal pads, each is perfect for one use, without the soggy herb cleanup! Directly after childbirth and for several days, use the moistened herbal pads iced to comfort achy mama parts. Later, use them warm, or in a sitz bath, for soothing relief. Feel better and “sitz” easier, so you can enjoy your new angel, naturally.

    Need more soothing? New Mama Bottom Spray helps turn the ACK to ahhh during your first postpartum bathroom trips or when you need a quick spray of relief, and Mama Bottom Balm is lasting cooling comfort for prenatal and postpartum hemorrhoids and perineal soreness.




    Sea salt, Avena sativa (organic oatmeal) kernel meal, Hamamelis virginiana (organic witch hazel) leaf, Achillea millefolium (organic yarrow) flower, Plantago major (organic plantain) leaf, Calendula officinalis (organic calendula) flowers

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    1. Postpartum Bath Herbs  star rating

      Posted by anas_cunningham via Instagram on Mar 11th 2016

      I've used the healing herbal pads and they helped so much after birth! Would recommend them to anyone expecting. 10-22-2015

    2. Postpartum Bath Herbs  star rating

      Posted by blendingbeautiful via Instagram on Mar 11th 2016

      Postpartum herbs SAVED me after my birth! Now I'm a doula and I recommend them to all of my clients. 10-22-2015

    3. Postpartum Bath Herbs  star rating

      Posted by jonahsmom15 via Instagram on Mar 11th 2016

      I just had a natural, unmedicated birth 7 weeks ago today. Everyone still thinks I'm crazy for doing it. I've had people call me superwoman lol. But it was the best experience! I wouldn't have done it any other way! I used the Earth Mama Angel Baby bath herbs and they were great. Also used the spray. Hope everything goes well with your delivery! Don't listen to the nay-sayers. You can do it! 10-22-2015

    4. Postpartum Bath Herbs  star rating

      Posted by Chelsea on Mar 11th 2016

      This was one of my favorite things to use after I gave birth. It was so nice to relax and heal after such a physically demanding journey. Thank you for your great and safe products! 10-15-2015

    5. Postpartum Bath Herbs  star rating

      Posted by Jeneal on Mar 11th 2016

      I used Postpartum Bath Herbs in a bath and tucked (like Tucks) and it got rid of my after-birth hemorrhoids in less than 24 hours! It's like magic! I recommend this to all my pregnant friends and told my midwives about it as well. For the bath, I just brewed and then poured all of the goodness and the bag of herbs into a bath, just a few inches deep and sat in it for 10-15 minutes. Then I used the same bag and "tucked" it. What I mean by tucked is: I tucked the pad around my hemorrhoids and left it there overnight (just like you would with a Tucks medicated pad). The next morning, all pain was gone as were almost all of the hemorrhoids! I was so relieved, as they were the worst pain for this (my third) birth. I plan on keeping a few in my medicine cabinet for all future returns of those painful terrors! Thanks Earth Mama Angel Baby! 10-22-2014

    6. Postpartum Bath Herbs  star rating

      Posted by Eve Oklahoma on Mar 11th 2016

      I ordered the Postpartum Recovery Kit several months ago, and when my little one was born it was my life-saver. The Postpartum Bath Herbs made me feel soooo good. And I attribute my good mood to the Happy Mama Spray. I can only say that it was the best purchase I made for myself for one of the most important times in my life. I only wish I had known about your company before the birth of my first child, three years ago. Thank you for your commitment to natural and organic products. I would recommend the Postpartum Recovery Kit to anyone expecting. 5-17-2011

    7. Postpartum Bath Herbs  star rating

      Posted by Julie Ray Burbank, CA on Mar 11th 2016

      Postpartum Bath Herbs helped me heal my sore bottom after the delivery of my baby. I also used your New Mama Bottom Spray and it felt so comforting and soothing. 5-17-2011

    8. Postpartum Bath Herbs  star rating

      Posted by Bethany M. on Mar 10th 2016

      I have to say your Postpartum Bath Herbs are my new MUST have in my birth supplies. I have gifted it to every expectant friend I know. I think I could give birth with nothing else but this product alone. I enjoyed sitting on towels soaked in it after my last birth but my favorite way to use them is to place the left over 'tea' in my peri bottle... I used it every time I would pee after giving birth and I never knew peeing after childbirth could be so pleasant! I healed faster after this last birth (#5) than ANY of my others and I am sure it is thanks to Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Bath Herbs! 5-17-2011

    9. Postpartum Bath Herbs  star rating

      Posted by Jillian L. on Mar 10th 2016

      This product was a sanity saver after the birth of my son. I had a very 'damaging' delivery as he was born very quickly and sunny side up. Ouch! A hot bath with this product as well as peri bottles filled with the same solution got rid of swelling and pain instantly. This with a few of your other products helped me heal weeks faster than the doctors expected. I will now purchase this for all expectant mommies I know! A must have for after delivery!! 5-17-2011