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Organic Monthly Comfort Tea


    Treasured as a postpartum tea, with herbs traditionally used after childbirth, Organic Monthly Comfort Tea is a calming, soothing, USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Kosher herbal blend. Formulated to jump start recovery immediately after childbirth, and for "that time of the month" when hormones are raging and your uterus and you could use some extra care!

    With a combination of nutrient rich, organic herbs, Organic Monthly Comfort Tea blends delicious Cinnamon and astringent Lady's Mantle with balancing Lemon Balm, mineral rich Stinging Nettles and Alfalfa, and rejuvenating Ginger Root to help ease cramping. It's a natural for our menstruating mates and perimenopausal pals, and perfect for recuperating postpartum mamas. Sip a cup within an hour after childbirth and then 3-4 times a day for a week. For monthly discomfort, sip as often as needed!*

    Not for use during pregnancy. Safe to use while breastfeeding.

    • Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth
    • Non-GMO Project Verified
    • Certified Kosher by EarthKosher

    All Earth Mama teas are naturally caffeine free in easy to brew tea bags. 85% post-consumer recycled and recyclable cartons.


    Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

    Organic Monthly Comfort Tea is not for use during pregnancy.

    Is it safe to use while breastfeeding?


    How many cups can I drink a day? 

    1-3 cups per day. 



    Cinnamomum aromaticum (organic cinnamon) bark, Alchemilla vulgaris (organic lady’s mantle) leaf, Rubus idaeus (organic red raspberry) leaf, Urtica dioica (organic nettle) leaf, Melissa officinalis (organic lemon balm) leaf, Zingiber officinale (organic ginger) root, Medicago sativa (organic alfalfa) leaf

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    1. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by brunettebombshell28 via Instagram on Mar 21st 2016

      I had this while at the hospital and the first few days at home after having Marcelo. It's great! 10-22-2015

    2. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by anotherclothmom via Instagram on Mar 21st 2016

      Had a cup yesterday after giving birth to my third! So very comforting. 10-22-2015

    3. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by Samantha Johnson on Mar 21st 2016

      I've been drinking this tea a few times a week since the birth of my 3rd child two months ago. I sure wish I would have known about this awesome tea after the births of my first two children. This tea is absolutely wonderful for helping regulate and balance those crazy postpartum hormones naturally. When I've gone too long not drinking it, I can totally tell a difference in unbalance. My family can tell, too! LOL. This product is wonderful, and will remain a staple in my hormonal care for years to come 8-24-2015

    4. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by Danielle on Mar 21st 2016

      This is a much safer alternative and more effective method to pharmaceuticals. I have been happily drinking this tea for 6 months now whilst breastfeeding and love it. I don't like to put chemicals into my body, so being able to drink this and feel more balanced is amazing. I highly recommend this tea, especially for postpartum mothers experiencing "baby blues" or anxiety related to hormonal changes. This will create an amazing balance and put those rollercoaster hormones at bay. 4-20-2015

    5. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by michaela on Mar 21st 2016

      I absolutely love this tea! I started drinking it after I had my baby and I am hooked! I used to be a coffee drinker,but this switched me to a tea drinker ! I just love the hints of cinnamon! Absolutely delicious and highly recommend 1-23-2015

    6. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by Ashley A. on Mar 21st 2016

      I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your products! I got online intending to order a gift for a pregnant friend, and ended up with a jar of Postpartum Recovery Tea [NOW called Monthly Comfort Tea] and a bottle of Earth Mama Body Butter for myself. I LOVE THEM. I don't think I can ration the Earth Mama Body Butter for longer than a week. The scent is so amazing, I walk around sniffing myself, and don't care if people think I'm nuts. I've never found any product that smelled like anything more than cheap and synthetic attempt. Yours is the real deal!! The Postpartum Recovery Tea [Monthly Comfort] is delicious and it came just in time for me to try out its hormone regulating effect. So far, I'm still sane! Thanks for putting exceptional, luxurious, safe products out there for moms and the rest of us, too. I had to call for special handling and the service was on par with the products!' 7-17-2009

    7. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by Audrey on Mar 21st 2016

      "The Monthly Comfort Tea is delicious and I am enjoying it very much. It's funny, I really loved the Milkmaid Tea because it tasted similar to my favorite pre-pregnancy tea, Kombucha Tea. But I didn't want to drink Kombucha Tea while pregnant or nursing because of the caffeine. When my period finally came back, I was quite uncomfortable and I grabbed a box of the Monthly Comfort Tea hoping it would work as well as all of your other products and it was great for relieving my bloating and it felt like things mellowed out. But, the part I liked best was that it was delicious. It is mildly sweet and I love that it has that hint of cinnamon. I was worried it would be too strong in cinnamon flavor or too sweet, since cinnamon was the first ingredient, but it was perfect. It's now my favorite tea and I drink it any time of the month! 7-17-2009

    8. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by Danielle Bournos New Fairfield, CT on Mar 21st 2016

      Your products are just fabulous, and I love to gift them to my closest friends and family when they birth. New Mama Bottom Spray, Postpartum Tea and Angel Baby Bottom Balm were gifted to me for the birth of my daughter and I truly did find them to be so comforting and pampering - especially the tea - just what new mom needs, a little TLC. The bottom spray is A MUST - remember to bring it with you to the birth and use it every time you pee - it is very soothing. The bottom balm is the very best which your little baby deserves. 7-17-2009

    9. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by Faith on Mar 21st 2016

      I love this tea. It really helps, even the aroma has me relaxed before I start sipping. 5-3-2010

    10. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by Hope on Mar 21st 2016

      This tea is just awesome. Took care of my aches and pains and the general discomfort. I love it and even told all my friends about it. Thank you! 5-19-2010

    11. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by Jennifer R. on Mar 21st 2016

      I *adore* your labor products. I bought the Postpartum Recovery Kit when pregnant and preparing for a home birth and found that the Postpartum Recovery Tea [NOW Monthly Comfort Tea] and Postpartum Bath Herbs were second to none!!! My 'pretty place' healed in no time flat, a vast improvement from my first birth! Especially the Postpartum Bath Herbs... alternating cold packs with the herbs was perfect. The New Mama Bottom Spray was also wonderful and soothing when I needed it the most. :) The best part was that I didn't have to worry about nasty chemicals like parabens and other additives that were bad for my health. Thank you! 7-17-2009

    12. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by Lesley C. on Mar 21st 2016

      "Postpartum Tea [now Monthly Comfort Tea] made my last postpartum recovery the fastest and most relaxing I have ever experienced. I truly believe it is a must-have, and a must-drink!! It will help balance out your emotions and encourage milk. My last baby was my fourth and I drank as much as I could. It was like I could feel the nutrients traveling straight to my uterus. Now I am a very loyal customer. I am looking forward to having baby number five any day now, and I have been drinking your teas all along and have the Postpartum Tea ready once again. I felt so strong so fast after the last one, I hope to experience that again. 7-17-2009

    13. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by Michelle on Mar 21st 2016

      I'm not normally a tea drinker but this tea has a lovely flavor, cinnamon and vanilla yumminess. My disappointment with the tea, however, is that it makes no difference in my AWFUL monthly cramping or my water weight. I still have to pop lots of pain killers, unfortunately. I will continue drinking the tea because it tastes good, but don't expect a miracle tea here. 11-27-2013

    14. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by The Budget Mommy on Mar 21st 2016

      This tea has been helping me deal with some awful PMS symptoms. It tastes great and I am so thankful to have it. Thank you! 2-11-2010

    15. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea  star rating

      Posted by Megan Rorer on Mar 10th 2016

      This is a PMS cure in a tea box! I have sworn by this tea for over a year now. It tastes good, smells good and best of all I feel better once I have a cup :) Much healthier than greasy, sugar-laden food! 10-29-2012

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