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Natural Nipple Butter


    Sore, cracked nipples? Mama’s got just the safe, soothing breastfeeding balm for you! Natural Nipple Butter was the first lanolin free nipple cream and the first verified non GMO nipple cream too. It's not a bit sticky, so it smooths on like, well, butter!

    Clinically tested, hospital recommended, Certified by Oregon Tilth and Non-GMO Project Verified, Natural Nipple Butter is a safe, zero toxin calendula nipple cream for nursing mamas, and anyone with dry, cracked skin. Read the reviews! Chapped cheeks? Check! Dry elbows? Yup. And of course, healing help for nipples that are taking a beating from breastfeeding. Safe for baby too - no need to wash it off before nursing! Apply after each feeding, or as needed on lips, cheeks, heels and elbows.

    certified-organic-by-oregon-tilth.png   non-gmo-project-verified.png   trusted-by-healthy-child-healthy-world.png

    Why are there little white specks in my Natural Nipple Butter?

    No worries, mama, those pearl-like bits are just natural plant butters, which solidify when they get cold. They will melt in your fingers and be as effective as ever!

    Why lanolin-free?

    Some mamas have concerns about wool allergies and pesticide exposure with lanolin, and we strive to make sure Earth Mama products are as worry-free as possible.

    What else do mamas use it for? 

    • breast pump lube
    • backup diaper cream
    • cover and protect scrapes and abrasions
    • chapped lips, cuticles, chapped cheeks and minor rashes
    • doggie hot spots (and beastie nipples too!)
    • moisturize new tattoos
    • one intrepid mama used it to remove chewing gum from her child's hair!


    Olea europaea (organic olive) oil, Theobroma cacao (organic cocoa) seed butter, Butyrospermum parkii (organic shea) butter, Euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, Mangifera indica (mango) butter, Calendula officinalis (organic calendula) flower extract

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    1. Magic!!  star rating

      Posted by Kaitlyn on Sep 7th 2016

      I had horrible painful cracked bleeding nipples. My baby's mouth is super small and was having latching problems. I got to the point of wanting to give up because of the pain. I started using this and my nipples were healed within 2-3 days. I absolutely couldn't be happier and will recommend this to ALL my mama friends.

    2. Natural Nipple Butter  star rating

      Posted by Dawn Graves on Sep 1st 2016

      The Nipple Butter is what got me through the first few weeks breastfeeding my boys (4 years and a 6 month old). The stuff is priceless. In the past when we had samples, I would pull that one out and tell the mamas that it was a lifesaving product. When I go to baby showers I always put together a “breastfeeding” basket with a shawl, washable breast pads, etc and always include a tin of the Nipple Butter!

    3. Not just for nipples....  star rating

      Posted by Bobbi on Aug 25th 2016

      I ordered this product to have with me in my hospital bag. (I'm due in 5 weeks.) However, I've been having problems with my heels cracking....so painful to walk, especially with already swollen feet. I've tried other remedies and nothing was helping. So, I started putting the nipple butter on my heels and the deep cracks healed within 2 days. It's an amazing product!

    4. Natural Nipple Butter  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Jun 28th 2016

      I never take time to write things like this, but I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your nipple butter. It has saved my nipples 4 times now with tongue tied babies who all have virtually torn up my nipples the first few weeks of nursing. I'm currently nursing my 4th- he is 4 weeks old- and he is also tongue tied. He had horrible sucking blisters on his lips that were dried and cracked and peeling. I started using the nipple balm on his lips and they started healing within 1-2 feedings! Now they are still a little puffy but the dryness/cracking/peeling is gone. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a wonderful product.

      Much gratitude,
      A tired mommy of 4 under 5

    5. LOVE IT!!  star rating

      Posted by Dottie's Mom on May 28th 2016

      This nipple butter works great! My baby was a premie, & while she was in the NICU I had to pump every three hours around the clock. My new mama nipples hurt. Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter helped soothe them & keep them from cracking/bleeding, which could have caused serious problems. My baby girl now gets her milk "straight from the source," but I still use the nipple butter about once a day. I love its safe, simple ingredients & that it's cruelty free. My boyfriend also used it to heal his severly chapped lips & it worked where several other products had failed him.

    6. The Best!!!  star rating

      Posted by Ashley on May 6th 2016

      If I could give this stuff more than 5 stars I would. After dealing with a cracked nipple, thrush, and a breast infection on and off for two months after having my son, the doctors gave me anything and everything except for this. This nipple butter healed my crack in less than two days and I was healthy and happy nursing from there and on. It also healed my little ones chapped cheeks and now we use it on everything from cuts and scraps to cracked toes and it works wonders. I also used the bottom balm from earth mama, after a 4th degree tear and the doctors were in awe of how well it was healing. As an Alternative Medicine major, I try not to use anything from the pharmacy, and this has replaced the need to triple antibiotic ointment, and is so healthy for the skin and repairing damaged and cut skin cells. I can't say enough good things about this, if I didn't have this then I would have stopped nursing. My son just turned 2 and he's still being breast fed with no issues. Thank you so much for making this wonderful product!!

    7. I love this nipple butter!  star rating

      Posted by Jennifer D'Andrea on May 5th 2016

      I have used this nipple butter since December 2015 and it's fantastic. Right now I use it mainly BEFORE pumping (it helps with irritation from the plastic), but while on maternity leave, I used it AFTER nursing to sooth sore nipples when my son had an uncomfortable latch.
      I love that I never have to worry about him ingesting it, since it contains completely natural and safe ingredients. I've also started using it on a few rash-like spots on my LO and it seems to be clearing it up. Fantastic!
      My only complaint would be about the packaging: I wish the container were a little shallower and wider. If you have any length to your fingernails at all, it makes it awkward to get a finger in the container to scoop the product out. Just wish the mouth was a little wider.
      But the product itself is wonderful!

    8. Natural Nipple Butter  star rating

      Posted by Proud mama Stacy B on Apr 28th 2016

      I purchased your nipple butter for the obvious reasons and it worked great. However I'm writing you this because I ended up trying it on my daughters cradle cap and within one day I saw improvements and her hair even started to regrow! it's phenomenal! Everyone should know and you should repackage it as a cradle cap cure! My daughter was cured after just three uses

    9. Instant Relief  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on Apr 12th 2016

      My husband picked this product up for me at the pharmacy when I called him out of desperation because of painful nursing. I am allergic to Lanolin and am limited with products that I can use. This cream provided my sensitive areas with instant relief. It made the entire nursing process instantly less painful. I can't believe I went through my first pregnancy and nursing experience without it!!!

    10. Natural Nipple Butter  star rating

      Posted by Lindsay L. on Apr 8th 2016

      I'm an OB/GYN nurse practitioner and a mommy. I LOVE this nipple butter (along with the mama bottom balm and spray) for my postpartum essentials. I also recommend them to all my patients and anyone else who's willing to listen :) I learned about them with my first pregnancy last year from a friend and it was legit life changing! I now pay it forward and recommend it to other mommas to be too. Great products! So glad to know about them! THANK YOU! 11-23-2015

    11. Natural Nipple Butter  star rating

      Posted by Amanda on Apr 8th 2016

      As a first-time mom I used the nipple cream they gave me at the hospital, the first week my nipples became cracked and practically bleeding (extremely painful when baby tried to latch on) I bought this nipple butter and after 3 uses the pain was gone and my nipples were healed! I've also used the butter on baby's rashes and dry spots. I've even used it on my own bottom and it cleared my rash over night!! Amazing product, definitely worth the price!!!

    12. Natural Nipple Butter  star rating

      Posted by Kayla Torrey on Apr 8th 2016

      This stuff is like magic in a jar. It's amazing for not only chapped nipples, but elbows, cuticles, lips, and even split ends! I can't name one EMAB I don't like. This is the only brand my son and I will ever use, please keep making perfect products for our perfect babies!! 8-11-2015

    13. Natural Nipple Butter  star rating

      Posted by Des on Apr 8th 2016

      I used this butter with my second child and it has made a huge difference. My first baby I don't remember Bf hurting so much and I used another product. Now with my second, BF has been a challenge and my nipples have been really sore and peeling. I received this butter as a gift and it has been heaven sent. It absorbs well in the skin and my baby benefits while I feed. I never understood products that say they help but they want you to wipe it off before you feed! OUCH! This butter will help any mom and I plan on making it a staple for any new moms that are expecting! 6-7-2015

    14. Natural Nipple Butter  star rating

      Posted by Kirsten W. on Apr 8th 2016

      I used this when I had my 1st son 7 years ago and without it I probably would've been miserable. It's AMAZING to say the least! I recently recommended it to a friend who's sister has been using another product which hasn't helped. Not only is it great for pain and cracked nipples but it's safe for baby and smells amazing! There are so many different uses for it. I highly recommend it! 3-8-2015

    15. Natural Nipple Butter  star rating

      Posted by Mallory M. on Apr 8th 2016

      I just wanted to shout from the rooftops how happy I am I found your products. I just had our second angel baby on Friday, and am using the natural nipple butter. I was hesitant to pay the price at first, but now that I have used it, I would pay triple! It feels great on my nipples, face, sore spots from the tape/IV/tender spots, and works perfect on baby's chapped chin and lips. I can not wait to use any/all of your other products! Thank you for making products safe AND effective! 3-4-2015

    Showing reviews 1-15 of 124 | Next