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Mama Bottom Balm


    Prenatal and postpartum hemorrhoids, postpartum vaginal swelling and bruising, perineal tears, episiotomies... New mamas and mamas-to-be got bottom problems!

    Naturally cooling, hospital recommended Mama Bottom Balm soothes discomfort with natural herbs, like St. Johns wort, Yarrow, Witch hazel, and Calendula. Certified by Oregon Tilth. It’s not JUST for mamas - great for anyone with bottom problems! Store it in the refrigerator and apply often. You'll be sitting pretty in no time.*


    Why are there little white specks in my Mama Bottom Balm?

    No worries, mama, those pearl-like bits are just natural plant butters, which solidify when they get cold. They will melt in your fingers and be as effective as ever!

    What else do mamas use it for?

    • under eye puffiness
    • sunburn
    • shaving rash
    • razor burn
    • swelling from waxing

    Olea europaea (organic olive) oil, Butyrospermum parkii (organic shea) butter, Euphorbia antisyphilitica (candelilla) wax, Simmondsia chinensis (organic jojoba) oil, Lavandula angustifolia (organic lavender) flower oil, Mentha piperita (organic peppermint) leaf oil, Hamamelis virginiana (organic witch hazel) leaf, Hypericum perforatum (organic St. John’s wort) extract, Calendula officinalis (organic calendula) flower extract, Achillea millefolium (organic yarrow)

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    1. Must-Have Baby Shower Gift  star rating

      Posted by Katie on Apr 25th 2016

      After having major issues with my episiotomy with my first son, I struggled to heal for a very long time (months). When I finally found EMAB products, I was SO happy with how much they helped me FINALLY feel better. The road to recovery was so much more difficult than I expected, and this product truly helped me feel "normal" again after having a horrible time.

      Now, this is my absolute go-to product to buy for all my friends at baby showers. Just a few days ago I got a text from my close friend up north that said, "That butt cream is what's up."

      Buy it. :)

    2. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by sillawilla1 via Instagram on Apr 6th 2016

      Mama bottom balm! It saved me from my perineal tear. It relived the pain that day and healed it so quick! I tell everyone I can about it! 10-22-2015

    3. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by crystyle421 via Instagram on Apr 6th 2016

      This helped me avoid surgery and heal a fissure. Thank you! 10-22-2015

    4. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by lbbutler28 via Instagram on Apr 6th 2016

      I loved this way more than the numbing spray they gave me at the hospital! Magic in a jar :blush: 10-22-2015

    5. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by jenifersjems via Instagram on Apr 6th 2016

      Bottom balm healed me up in 7-10 days... Even with 7 stitches. Using the rest as an all-purpose wound healer. Love your products! 10-22-2015

    6. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by Brandi on Apr 6th 2016

      I was really nervous about my postpartum recovery while I was pregnant. I watched all sorts of youtube videos and read all kinds of blogs to see what I could do to make it a bearable experience as naturally as possible. I ended up getting all the EMAB mama products like the stretch oil, the bottom spray and this mama bottom balm. Although I really loved the spray, this balm really took the cake. I ended up tearing during delivery and now at 7 weeks postpartum, I can say this balm is still helping with the healing process. Not only did it ease the pain but it keeps me feeling fresh with the benefit of feeling good about using a natural product. 10-15-2015

    7. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by Samantha on Apr 6th 2016

      I just recently bought this product and it has made a huge difference. I am 32 weeks pregnant and it has been so hot out that I've been sweating...everywhere!! I had a lot of comfort on my bottom from this issue. As soon as I put this balm on, it makes it feel so much better. It has a cooling effect I find which is extremely soothing. Thank you for this amazing product!!

    8. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by happyme on Apr 6th 2016

      This is my first pregnancy and i was starting to get really nervous - and not because i'm 36 weeks pregnant and worried about the birth itself. i have faith in my body and i'm prepared as i can be.. beyond that, it's up to luck really. ;) .. no, i was getting nervous about hemorrhoids! i had one little one, i think (hard to see in a mirror!) that was enough to make me depressed thinking how many more would there be, how uncomfortable i was already and how the weeks postpartum would be even more uncomfortable, and even worrying about how i was probably going to have get a doctor to lance them off. so scared! what was happening to my body? i just felt out of control. and now? well, after a full day of using this amazing product, plus a few judicious squirts of New Mama Bottom Spray, i am so SO relieved. everything is back to normal as it should be. no more uncomfort, no more freaking out. plus i have the confidence that when the baby does arrive and inevitable swelling, discomfort, and maybe even the odd hemorrhoid or two comes up, i have the tools to deal with it all. what a weight off my shoulders! thank you thank you! p.s. i live in south america and was worrying about products to use - so glad i had my sisters bring me a nice bundle of earth mama products. looking to order some more because i absolutely cannot run out! ;) 4-29-2015

    9. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by Melissa on Apr 6th 2016

      I am 9 months pregnant and developed a lovely case of hemorrhoids several weeks ago...after trying the 'regular' drug store remedies & creams I was frustrated and disappointed that they were doing absolutely nothing to ease the 'pain in my bottom'. I picked up your Mama Bottom Balm, and within in 2 days my 'problem' is almost completely gone! Hallelujah : ) What a huge relief, lovely smell and cooling sensation-I am now also using your Third Trimester Tea and have picked up the Natural Nipple Butter to use when my little guy arrives...I am your newest, biggest fan! Thank you so much for such wonderful, natural products that work amazingly well and are so much better for me and baby- I think I'm in love :) 4-29-2015

    10. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by Melissa on Apr 6th 2016

      Best stuff ever! i've had hemorrhoids on and off since I had my first son a little over 2 years ago. Now I'm practically due with baby #2 and they've already made their appearance. I was so afraid of the recovery of labor and delivery because of this.. But now that I've found the bottom balm, I know I'll have some relief! It started working immediately.. And it's cooling/tingling lets you know it's working. I tried everything before.. And prep h doesn't do squat in comparison. Highly, highly recommend! 3-19-2015

    11. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by Cristina Phaneuf on Apr 6th 2016

      I wanted to RAVE about the Earth Mama Bottom Balm! I'd ordered the Mama Bottom Balm last week hoping to use it before the birth to shrink the hemorrhoids I'd developed, but baby showed up early! I gave birth on Sunday and ended up with the most horrendous hemorrhoids. During my hospital stay, I used the commercial witch hazel pads and ointment they provided, which didn't help at all. I got home yesterday and immediately started using the Mama Bottom Balm -- by the end of the day, the hemorrhoids had shrunken in half! The Bottom Balm feels absolutely wonderful and cooling, too. I'm recommending it to every pregnant and postpartum mom! 1-13-2012

    12. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by Abbigale Leigh Erwin on Apr 6th 2016

      I've become addicted to the Mama Bottom Balm *****! I used it when my skin became a little raw annnnnnd then I never stopped!!! So, yeah, I could use some more! 4-21-2014

    13. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by Amy on Apr 6th 2016

      One use and I'm a believer. I can't tell you enough how much this soothed my postpartum discomfort!!! I was going INSANE and as a mama of two toddlers and a newborn I didn't have time to feel that badly. I've always been a fan of EMAB products and decided to give this a go and I felt IMMEDIATE relief! I can't wait to try out its multiple other uses! DEFINITELY recommend! 6-24-2013

    14. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by Anita on Mar 29th 2016

      Used after the birth of my son, this stuff is AWESOME!! 2/25/2011

    15. Mama Bottom Balm  star rating

      Posted by Candace on Mar 29th 2016

      This product is AMAZING and a must have for any new mama! I originally bought it for hemorrhoid relief during pregnancy and I am forever grateful that I had this after the birth of my first baby. No one told me how swollen and painful it can be down below after you give birth. I was so swollen I could barely sit down, let alone walk. The hospital gave me a bottle of a medicated spray that contains a ton of chemicals and parabens. I really didn't want to use it but with the amount of pain I was in I almost had no choice. When I got home from the hospital I looked in my medicine cupboard and remember I had the Mama Bottom Balm. I gave it a go and it was like instant relief! It felt like a little bit of heaven in a jar, I am so glad I had Mama Bottom Balm and didn't have to use any toxic chemical sprays or anything. In about a week I was back to normal and feeling a lot better.

      I recommend that if you have a friend who is expecting GET HER THIS PRODUCT! She may not know what to do with it at first, but she will be thanking you when she does. I wouldn't had the recovery that I did if it wasn't for Mama Bottom Balm. Thank you for making this! :) 1-27-2014

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